Breaking sports news-Golf

Tiger Woods has said that even if he returns to be world number one with a win at the Arnold Palmer invitational in Florida, he will not be satisfied. He said: I don’t want to Be as good as I once was, I want to be better.

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Breaking sports news-Football

Newcastle’s Massadio Haidara has told French newspaper Le Parisien that he doesn’t understand why the FA did not take action against Callum McManaman after the Wigan player’s tackle on him last Sunday.

Haidara said: “He could have ended my career and ruined my whole life and he will play again before me! Ridiculous! You must protect players. This type of tackle cannot be condoned in football. You have to take all measures to ban these sorts of things from the game. It spoils the game. The authorities must take action.”

Warden Park Primary Academy


Fairly recently, Warden Park Academy in Cuckfield helped a struggling local school(Heyworth Primary) to use different techniques for teaching and change it for the better. For example, to help the children enjoy their free time, new equipment has been put in the playground. We had the lucky opportunity to visit the Primary Academy.

In Warden Park Primary Academy, there is a resource which helps boost the children’s confidence and reading ability is called ‘Sussex Reading Pets’. This is effectively a team of people and pets (like dogs and cats) who go and visit children in schools so that the children can read to the pets, which has proven to boost their confidence. If the pet, which is usually a dog, looses interest and falls asleep, an assistant will just tell the child that it is closing it’s eyes to concentrate harder on the story. If the pet jumps up, over-excited, the assistant will tell the child that they are so excited to listen to the story. Using these techniques, the children can feel like they’re reading is improving, and would like to read more. One of the reasons why the reading really improves the child’s confidence is because the pets are good listeners, and children really need to feel that they are being listened to. They are loving animals and one of they key points is that they don’t correct the child when they speak. The infants who can choose whether or not they participate, are often excited for Friday because it’s such a fun experience that they will probably remember for a long time after.

While at Warden Park Primary, we had the opportunity to interview students who had been at the school before it had been made an academy and after. When they were asked about what has changed since they became Warden Park Primary, and the most popular answer was the fact that the facilities at the School had been greatly improved since it merged with Warden Park. Also, the reputation of the school has gone up, so the intake of students has increased as well. Some of the students even commented on the decrease in violence in the school, which is an incredible improvement.

The link with Warden Park Secondary has also been of great help. Students have had visits to the Secondary school for enritchment activities like Foreign Day of Languages, and have been to the school for Christmas Dinners. Pupils have said that this is very good, as it makes the transition from Primary to Secondary easier.

We spoke to the head teacher, Mr Davis. He was incredibly proud of the way his school had changed and agreed to give us an interview. When we asked him whether his school has lived up to it’s motto, ‘Reach for the Stars’, he said that he believed that his students do reach for the stars, especially with the new curriculum. After talking to one of the school’s teachers, we found that this new curriculum involved one topic, e.g. Antarctica, which would involve all of the topics such as English, art etc. For example, the students could do creative writing auto it someone in Antarctica, or paint an Antarctic picture. There are so many possibilities!
By Abi, Eleanor, Harry and Ellie